Apple iOS 12 is Now Available: List of Capable Apple Devices, How to update and more

Apple iOS 12 is Now Available: List of Capable Apple Devices, How to update?


Today is the long-awaited iOS 12, Now Its available to Capable iPhones and iPads Devices.

The official iOS 12 update is now rolling out now to Capable iPhones and iPads all over the world, and here you will find everything you need to know about the latest iso software upgrade.

You can enjoy the new iOS 12 features as it launched on Monday, September 17 just after 10 am PDT (1 pm EST, 6 pm BST, or if you’re in Australia, 3 am AEST Tuesday).


iOS 12 release date

  • June 4 – Developer beta launched (to paid Apple Developers)
  • June 25 – iOS 12 public beta launched (it’s free)
  • Today, September 17 – the final iOS 12 software (still free)

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You can now download the iso 12 in your Capable Apple iPhones and iPads.

Of course, you could have tested it early with three iOS 12 launch phases: one for developers, one for public beta testers, and one final version launching today.

First, the developer beta launched at WWDC and got more frequent refreshes, but it was early software. You have to be a registered Apple developer, which costs $99 for the annual membership. It’s for people who like to tinker with Xcode and make apps.

Second, iOS 12 public beta was the one most people wanted to test out. It launched on June 25 and was completely free. It’s less problematic than the developer beta. The downside compared to iOS 12 developer beta? Apple’s public betas are always one step behind what the developers have access to.

Third, today’s final software has now rolled out. There’s no need to jump through hoops to enroll in a beta. iOS 12 is nowhere in its final form.

Apple is introducing new features to help users manage how they use their phones or tablets with additions like Screen Time to track how long they spend on their phones and which apps they’ve been using, and improved notifications that are now grouped together by the app and far easier to manage or mute.

There are also some fun new features, like custom Memoji and Animoji that you can create to look like you. Apps like Voice Memos, Stocks, iBooks, and Apple News are also getting redesigns. One of the biggest features — group FaceTime chats with up to 32 participants — has been delayed from the initial release until later this fall.


How to Download ISO 12 in My iPhone or iPads? 


First things first: Back it up

Before you update, use either iCloud or iTunes to back up your iPhone before installing iOS 12. You might also need to free up some space; iOS 12 is 2.77GB in size.

Apple iso 12 how to update or download and Capable apple iPhones and iPads-min (1)



Method 1: Over-the-air update

The latest edition of Apple’s software for its iPhone and iPad devices — is now available for all users to download, assuming you have a recent-enough device. (Check the list to see if you’re eligible for the update.) To install, go to the Settings app -> General -> Software Update, and you should see the prompt to update.

Introduced at WWDC earlier this year, iOS 12 is first and foremost focused on improving performance to make iOS feel faster, especially on older devices that have become more sluggish over time.

Method 2: Update via iTunes

If you are near your computer with iTunes, it might be faster to update this way. In previous years, I’ve found it faster to update via iTunes than over the air.
First, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes by opening the Mac App Store app and clicking on Updates to see if an iTunes update is listed.

Apple iso 12 how to update or download and Capable apple iPhones and iPads-min



With iTunes updated, connect your iOS device. Click the iPhone or iPad icon in the top-left corner of iTunes, next to the drop-down menu for the various sections of your iTunes library. Next, click on Check for Update > Download and Update. Follow the prompts, accept the terms, and let iTunes do its job of updating your iPhone or iPad.


Can my Apple iPhone run iOS 12?

Good Thing is that: Every apple device that can run iOS 11 can also run iOS 12. Here’s the list:


Apple iso 12 how to update or download-min

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