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Genie is another unique apps which very well facilitates in picking and dropping maintenance and aids in making your job done all across the city. With this app you can fully attain the access of delivering various documents and cheques, collect Flowers, Collect Cake, procure groceries and so on. In brief, Genie very well favors in providing services rapidly without any delay with unrivalled satisfaction to procure anything beyond your city and picked up and distributed at your doorstep.

On the contrary, this app is fully accessible on both iOS and Android devices as well to the full extent. Subsequently, Genie is mainly ejaculated in modifying the way off you purchasing, procuring and dropping up as well. Additionally, it pertains you to acquire food, electronics, samples, gifts, cakes, medicines and allows you to obtain the things collected from your friends’ places and delivered right to your doorstep within no seconds. Above all, Genie can be accumulated as an on-demand facility, which will truly mean that your order will be dispensed at the earliest possible. Lastly, Genie has no limitations in the distances and the items can be transfigured on a bike and this Genie will drop anywhere within the city limits to the whole extent. In brief, let us check out the specialties of Genie that are sprinkled below.Jio 4G app download ensures the best and trustworthy quality of services for its users. And this app is used using jio 4G sim networks only, because the company allows it to be used by using its particular network to provide its users better features. It is a great app containing everything which is
related to the needs and wants of the people. It is an app which is available to the jio users only as the Reliance Company itself launched it in such a manner. This has been launched by the Reliance Industries for the benefit
of jio network users. It is an app used by the different people living at different places in the country.


  1. Quick and Comfortable: Genie aids you in saving plenty of your time by acquiring the things done by you, as it is one of the prime at your city, at your doorstep which is rapid and instantaneous.
  2. No Limitations in the Space: Genie collects and delivers various things over the limits of the city incurred in it
  3. Purchase from 200+ stores: Beyond 200 specially organized stores on the areas be assured to explore the most familiar places in the city and attain complete pleasure at your doorstep
  4. Genie for Occupation: Business can stretch their plan to reach beyond the city by acquiring the products straight to customers within few seconds
  5. Tracking Orders: Every order set up on Genie can be live tracked, wherein you can notify as to where the item has reached up to
  6. Chat to Modify: With the assumption of this app on your device, you can very well chat with the team as and when required


In short, Genie is quite a comprehensive app and can be easily installed and downloaded from Google Play store to acquire all of its extreme benefits stated above.


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