India won the match against Bangladesh

india won the match against bangladesh

India won the match against Bangladesh



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Team India’s mission Asia has done successfully. Rohit ’s Ranveer has become Asia’s king. Bangladesh was giving his best and trying to stop the way of team India in the final match at Dubai but India’s tiger didn’t lose his strength until the last and continuous second time Team India Won Campiosion cup of Aisa by hunt Bangladesh. This final match has many ups and downs.

So, How the Rohit’s Ranveeras has made the moment of winning the champion trophy of Aisa?

How Team India Won the champion trophy of Aisa?

We, Will, Discuss the full report of the match:-


Hindustan did the final victory. Team India Champions in the exciting match. Team India has got the full match in the last ball by Rohit’s Ranveeras. Seven times, Team India has become Asia’s King. In between Indian team, anBangladeshsh Team has given his best in performance for becoming Asia’s King.

Bangladesh has given the best of the best form his side to stop the team India. But Bangladesh Team has not able to stop the team India’s tiger for again winning the champion trophy of Aisa.  Team India has hunted Bangladesh by his lower-order batsman with the full power game and become Asia’s king.

And again team India has become Asia’s King.  Team India has beaten the Bangladesh team in the Exciting final match by 3 Wickets. Bangladesh has AllOut from 222runs by Team India. And then Team India makes the 223runs with 7Wickets and won the final match. Team India has become the Aisa’s King continuously the second time. Also, India has become the Aisa’s champion Seven Times.

Rohit has won the toss and give the chance to Bangladesh for batting in the final War. Liton Das has given master blaster century even so India’s team has done Allout with 222runs in the final match. So, That Team India has got the goal of 223 runs for winning the champion trophy of Aisa. But the bluster of the tournament:  Shikhar Dhawan is not doing good in the match. And Next Captain Rohit Sharma and Dinesh Karthik had handled the situation.

But Rohit has also hunted by Bangladesh with 48runs in 55 balls. And then India’s Score has become 83runs with 3 wickets.  Now All responsibility goes to the shoulders of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  Dhoni took out the difficult time of India with Kartik. But Kartik has left the Dhoni’s partnership in the ground. Now after that Dhoni’s patience has gone. Kartik’s out with 37runs in 61 balls. And Dhoni’s Out with 36runs in 67 balls.


Now that time the score of team India was 167runs with 5wickets. But Team India needed 56runs.  After some time Kedar Jadhav has injured and back to the pavilion. But this difficult time has made the carry out the match by Ravindra Jadeja and Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Has Gave 45runs with the partnership in the 6th wicket. Then, the Team India score has 212runs with 6Wickets. But The Match has got the once more twist when Team India wants 11runs that time firstly Ravindra Jadeja has gone out then Bhuvneshwar Kumar was also out to get back to the pavilion. But Kedar Jadhav was never lost his strength and again On the field even he was injured And then Team India has won the exciting match in the last ball with the partnership of Kedar Jadhav and Kuldeep Yadav.

The team has won Asia ’s champion from 2014.  India keeps going good in 2018. India has won the match without Virat Kholi. This winning is always remembered for many years.

India Scoreboard 

India won the match against Bangladesh-min (1)


Bangladesh Scoreboard 

India won the match against Bangladesh-min (1)



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