New Updates of WhatsApp started showing ads ( Advertisement ) 2018

New Updates of WhatsApp started showing ads

New Updates of  WhatsApp started showing ads ( Advertisement ) 

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Now we talk about some new updates on Whatsapp in 2018.  Let’s know about something new WhatsApp.

Now we talk about the one feature of WhatsApp that can irritate you so much. Whatsapp Application will introduce the ads ( Advertisement). Facebook acquired WhatsApp with 22 million in 2014. And the facebook is not making revenue with it for four years. Means facebook is not making money with WhatsApp. So, The Facebook has decided to show ads on WhatsApp application.


The Companies ads will be shown in the chats box or in between of your conversion. Just like when you visit some websites that websites ( quora)  are showing ads by google. So, Facebook will show you ads like that.


It may be very irritating or unfavorable. It may be very irritating when you are chatting with someone that time ads will come.


But the facebook has to start ads because Facebook has invested 22 billion on the WhatsApp app. The user is using WhatsApp free of cost from four years. And Facebook is making zero revenue now the facebook has decided to monetized form this app.

New Updates of WhatsApp started showing ads

In the previous time when WhatsApp team talk about to make money with WhatsApp app by showing ads then the CO-Founder was left the company. Because of that is not beneficial for the user, the User experience will be damage and Not good for users on that.

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But the company is with his decision and you will see the ads on your chatting conversion of WhatsApp very soon.



Whatsapp is having the update. Many people are talking about that. It is business Account. If you have the website then you can make your WhatsApp as customer support and many features just like that auto-reply. Your customer can contact you with your WhatsApp.


You can set the bottom WhatsApp on websites then the visitor or customer will contact you by clicking on it. This is the easiest way to contact because the approx everybody has WhatsApp so, it will be very useful for everybody. As we see that anybody is contacting us by using Gmail, social media etc. But Now you can use to contact by using WhatsApp with your mobile number. You can contact your companies support by WhatsApp.


This will be free for users but those companies will be providing this facility, that will be chargeable. Whatsapp will take money with his plan. It will depend on his country and depends on websites.


Facebook has always the priority of that gives the facilities to users and customers as they want with all types. But when they will show ads in WhatsApp and we will watch. So, Customer will happy with that or it will be irritating for the customer. Now the see the which technology will be used. Facebook is the big company. So, just like they will use the best technology for WhatsApp. Now, wait for the new update of WhatsApp. And the customer and user will be satisfied or the unfavorable for the user.






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